Hot Topic: Team #TTC – Brad and Andy

Brad Ross and Andy Byford are nice guys.

Together, they are the public faces of the TTC’s communications department.

Brad, head of communications at the TTC, is very active on Twitter. 

Andy, TTC CEO, engages with commuters via YouTube.

The unique challenge they face is to practice continuous crisis management for the public transport agency. They do this through a combination of press releases, diagrams, newspaper articles, and of course: social media. During the Pape station closure the last week of August, they combined all of these, culminating in a detailed YouTube presentation explaining everything.

Brad and Andy are good brand ambassadors because they work together to remain unbiased and relatable professionals. They keep the brand’s solutions, rather than its problems, at the forefront of their communications materials.

Discussing Toronto’s frequent commuting problems in a friendly and accommodating way is no easy task, but Brad and Andy do it well. The Grid recently profiled Brad for a cover story on the TTC’s communications platform. They highlighted his early use of Twitter, reflecting that he has made frequent use of the site since 2008. In 2013, he’s still the go-to guy for questions about the TTC. People approach him over other Twitter handles because he’s so well liked and personable. He’s developed a reputation for listening to commuters’ problems and offering solutions. In a city billed as one of the worst commuting cities in North America, Brad offers a voice of reason and dependability.

My media relations class agreed that Twitter is an ideal platform for the fast-paced criticism aimed at the TTC every day. Twitter is a primary resource for communications professionals because it’s the only social media platform where you can post every hour without seeming like a spammer (depending on the content). Since Brad answers questions and shares relevant updates with the public, his use of the site is commendable.

Andy plays the reserved British gentleman to Brad’s Canadian everyman. He solemnly apologizes for delays in a formal yet subdued manner. In addition to YouTube, CCPR students suggested that Brad and Andy’s informational videos could be more useful if featured on subway platform TVs.

What do you think of team Brad and Andy? Tweet @bradTTC #CCPR!

Here is what Brad himself has to say!

Brad responds!

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