I catch myself adding too much of my own personality into writing assignments. This usually results in getting off track, which results in frustration.

What am I resisting? Success?

There’s something to doing what you’re told, and doing it well.

This is part of why I chose a communications postgrad – to learn the rules of writing simply. Putting steps in place to develop good habits. To change the way I write. Learning to apply basic writing formulas. Yes, it is a science.

I catch myself reinterpreting an assignment to add an element of creativity and originality, and then I’m missing the point.

I still write well, but I could be writing a whole lot better. I’m setting a goal for myself: to achieve success through basic application. Studying examples, applying rules without going out of the box. My challenge is to stay within the box. Learning as much as possible, and succeeding within that CCPR box. This is my ode to resistance.


Credit: Reflection in a soap bubble, from Wikimedia Commons

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