#GiveBloodTO – It’s in you to give!


I am giving blood for the first time this February with the Canadian Blood Services as part of Toronto’s Annual Advertising Blood Drive. In association with TILT at The Story Arts Centre, we’re asking teams to do something meaningful this February: help save lives. Like many initiatives in PR, this campaign began with a powerful story: Troy Palmer’s daughter, Lily, was born with a blood condition that required multiple transfusions in her youth. Troy, who worked in advertising at the time, got his agency to give blood as a team, and the King Street Clinic received its largest single-day donation in history. This year, the campaign is timed with both Family Day (Feb. 10) and Valentine’s Day.

The biggest objection I’ve heard among those capable of giving blood is that they’re afraid of needles. As Troy said in the initial 2008 blood drive brief: “You’re both afraid of needles. The difference is, you have a choice.” To find out if you’re eligible to donate and book an appointment, contact one of three participating clinics:

Beth Frise • (416) 550-8138 • beth.frise@blood.ca at the King & University Clinic – 163 King Street West

Roop Sidhu • (416) 571-6793 • roop.sidhu@blood.ca at the College & Elizabeth Clinic – 67 College Street

Meghan Bradner • (416) 735-9707 • meghan.bradner@blood.ca at the Manulife Centre Clinic – 55 Bloor Street West

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