My Blood Donation Experience


My first blood donation! Pictured with the lovely Olga, who has worked for the Canadian Blood Services for 15 years.

Yesterday I donated blood for the first time. I’d wanted to for years, but was too lazy to look into how to do it. Cut to this year: I started writing communications materials for our school’s annual Advertising Blood Drive Challenge, and learned how simple the blood donation process is, and what a big impact it makes.

Less than 3% of eligible Torontonians donate, so there is always a need for more.

I wrote about the story of Troy Palmer and his daughter Lily, who owe their lives to the blood donations of others, and it personalized the blood donation experience. Then I began asking questions. I asked people in my life if they’ve ever donated before, and learned their stories.

We all have someone close to us who has needed transfusions, and one day we might be the person in need.

I learned about eligibility, and questioned the Canadian Blood Services nurse about why certain restrictions exist. Throughout answering her questions, I was asking just as many. I find the whole process fascinating. I learned that I’m incredibly healthy, and have a lot of blood to give, so I’m going to give every two months for as long as I’m eligible.


What’s your story? Have you given blood before? Do you know someone who has needed transfusions? Share with me in the comments.

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