How to present like Steve Jobs

My Presentation Skills teacher, Jeremy Cammy, is obsessed with Steve Jobs. He showed the class this video to teach us how to present.

What lessons can we learn from this video?

1. The art of zen: keep your supporting slides simple, revealing one key idea. Too many words can distract from your presentation. All Steve had to show was a few pictures and symbols from his iconic products, and support them with simple statements like “Revolutionary mobile phone.” The words he uses to describe his products are very simple, allowing him to connect with a wide audience.

2. Reveal the “Aha” moment. Steve’s simple statements: “An iPod, a phone, and an internet communicator” all lead to “these are not three separate devices: this is one device,” and the crowd goes wild. He built up to that moment using repetition, and created an air of mystery, leading up to the big reveal. The fact that Apple was entering the smartphone market wasn’t an extraordinary statement, but Steve’s delivery made it seem that way.

3. Practice enough to seem natural and conversational. Did you know that Steve Jobs had a phobia of public speaking? It isn’t apparent when watching his presentations, because he practiced! Knowing your script and backing it up with genuine excitement about your subject helps exude confidence.

Know your subject, know your audience, and keep them engaged by keeping it simple. 

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