Pilot is My Co-Pilot


The Pilot PMR team having a group outing at nearby El Catrin.

As part of CCPR, we have to set objectives for our internships, so we can better achieve our goals and track our progress (i.e. achieve grades). Rob Furtado helped me flesh out these objectives in early May. Here’s what they entail, and what I’ve achieved in just over a few weeks so far (three more months to go!):

  • Learn a range of editorial/writing forms and techniques + gain exposure – Published three blog posts and a bio
  • Learn fundamental research methods for PR – Will address in June
  • Learn how to use a range of digital tools, and work across a range of platforms with UX and UI designer(s) and programmers – Began analyzing social media, will address more more measurement and CMS tools in June
  • Learn the business of agency life through working on client-facing projects – Started tracking hours through Harvest, pitching clients by phone and email
  • Attain grounding in traditional PR practices – Built media lists, helping to manage a future event
  • Learn to work with traditional and digital design to create compelling content on behalf of clients – Will address in June

The first month has gone by so fast! I will focus more in-depth on skills I haven’t used in the months to come. Business tools, design and analytics will be explored. Exciting!

Are there any new skills you’ve explored through working in PR? Please share them with me in the comments!

– Evelyn

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