Evelyn’s Beer Story

Brauhaus one year ago (2013)


Haven’t written a blog post in a whiiile. I’ve been busy. When I’m not at Pilot, there’s a good chance I’m working a beer event. In fact, it’s recently been brought to my attention that if you look at my Instagram without knowing me, you might think I’m an alcoholic because I post an obscene amount of craft beer photos.

Okay, so here’s the truth: I’m a beer nerd. I honestly don’t drink very much – but when I do – I make sure it’s damn good beer (and sometimes cider, wine or bourbon). I’ve been into craft beer since university, but got really into it in the last year. I started learning about homebrewing, comparing different styles of beer, and have made some amazing contacts who are helping expand my “bevucation” and beyond that, are great friends. I’ve also managed to network through beer, and make a little money this summer (which I’m pretty much putting right back into craft beer, because it’s an obsession): I’m currently working for Toronto craft breweries Black Oak Brewing Co. and Junction Craft Brewing. Both of these breweries make phenomenal, award-winning beer, and it’s an honour to represent them. Both are cool with me working for competitors. Contrary to what you may think, breweries are supportive of each other and want to see each other succeed. This year alone, more breweries than ever are collaborating together on awesome small-batch beers (Indie Alehouse, Bar Hop, Sawdust City, Great Lakes Brewery‘s Project X and Tank Ten Series, Amsterdam Brewery‘s BrewHouse barrels and bar Volo’s House Ales come to mind). It’s a really great time to be into beer in Toronto.

I got the job at Black Oak through Erica, who I know from The Society of Beer Drinking Ladies, and I got the job at Junction through Sean, who I met the night of the Craft Beer Passport launch and he hired me on the spot. I’ve brewed with Jen and Taylor Shute of Ltd. Supply, am going to do a tasting (and maybe brewing) with Crystal Luxmore, and just might get my Cicerone level one this fall. All of this in the course of a few months… I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

I could go on and on about how beer is a living thing, is incredibly dynamic, creative, and has narrative ingrained in it, as well as expand upon Toronto’s thriving scene… but I’ll leave that to future posts. 😉

Any stories you’d like to share about your craft beer journey? I’d love to hear them!

– Evelyn

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