Last week, my coworker Laura Creedon sent around an email about an exciting new campaign: The Canadian Cancer Society’s Fearless Challenge. The gist of the campaign: pledge to conquer one of your fears for an amount of money raised for the cause, and then prove you’ve done it once you hit your target. A bunch of celebrities are on board to draw media attention to the campaign. My favourite is Kevin Zegers, who is a skinny actor taking on a sumo wrestler for $10,000!

The first response I had to Laura’s email: My Fearless Challenge would be the CN Tower EdgeWalk. Ever since a fateful day in February, where we had to present about a sentimental object we had for presentation skills class and one of my friends chose her EdgeWalk photo, I have known that I too need to conquer this fear. However, I thought I’d be doing it a year or so from now. The next day after this email, one of my friends told me he wanted to do EdgeWalk at the end of the month. I told him about the challenge, and knew I needed to seize the opportunity. Conquering one of my biggest fears with a friend by my side is a support system that makes the idea of hanging off the CN Tower less scary. I know we’ll laugh about any panic attacks that come about from leaning both forwards and backwards off the tower, which I intend to do.

Ultimately, it’s your support system that makes any struggle in life worthwhile.

I pledged $250, even though the suggested minimum is $500, because, as someone who has minimal money to donate to charity (though I wish I could donate so much more!), I know it can be hard to reach a high goal. The rule of goal setting we learned in CCPR: be realistic; don’t aim too high. So far my pledge is the lowest declared on the site, however I hope targets can be exceeded!

So: what fear would you conquer for charity?

Sponsor me here! I’ll make a post about the experience after I have reached my goal.

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