I did EdgeWalk for the Fearless Challenge

Evelyn EdgeWalk Fearless Challenge

I did it. Confronted one of my biggest fears AND raised money for charity. I set a goal that was specific (I’m scared of heights), measurable (I want to raise $250), achievable (to confront my fear), realistic and timely (in under a month). I had fun participating in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Fearless Challenge. I even wrote about the campaign here.


I did the CN Tower EdgeWalk with my friend James at the end of August. I was just $25 shy of my goal the day of the walk. It was scary but exhilarating. The facilitators playfully eased my nerves (death jokes kept me on edge) and exhibited amazing customer service by encouraging us and enforcing safety. All eight of us EdgeWalkers did team building exercises, confronted our fears and let go of it all as we leaned over a beautiful sunset (and Jays game!) 1168 feet over Toronto.

Ev EdgeWalk August 25

A very nice Canadian Cancer Society representative, Ali, both called and emailed me to encourage and congratulate me. It was really nice. Family and friends supported me, and it started conversations about fear and vulnerability. Reading all the blog posts from cancer survivors on the Fearless site is a powerful experience that I didn’t have much of a glimpse into before. One of my mottos (thanks to Susan Jeffers) has always been Feel The Fear and Do It Anyway. Thanks to the Fearless campaign, that motto represents strength to me louder than before the challenge.

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